Price List

Our Salon is kept up to date with the latest technology in the Hair industry to ensure we bring to you the newest trends and products we can to ensure your time with us is of exceptional quality. Our prices reflect our level of experience, knowledge & expertise to ensure you have the best hair experience.

All our package prices reflect the level of experience of our stylists, but ALL experiences in the salon maintain our highest level of attention to detail.

Our Packages all include:
Treatment (Oi Liquid Lustre or Heart of Glass Bonding Glow)
Toner (with foils/balayage)
Blowdry/Style Finish
*Trim needs to be added on = cut add on
Packages are based off Medium Lengths so may have additional costs.

PACKAGESEmerging StylistGraduate/Senior StylistMaster StylistPrinciple Stylist
Regrowth $125$150$155$160
High-Lift Blonde$130$155$175$175
Global Colour$153*$185*$205*$225*
Colour Balance $161*$195*$225*$245*
Scalp Bleach$200*$220*$250*$265*
Part Line/T Section Foils $195*$210*$260*$300
Half Head of Foils$216*$245*$295*$325*
Full Head of Foils$264*$285*$345*$370*
Half Balayage/Refresh$290*$340*$380*$410*
Full Balayage$330*$390*$440*$485*
– Cut Add On$15$40$50$60
Fringe Trim$15$20$20$25
Express Trim$45$55$65$70
Short Hair Cut$60$90$110$125
Medium Hair Cut$60$90$110$125
Long Hair Cut$60$90$110$125
Restyle Cut$80$115$145$170
Regrowth Tint$60$75$80$85
Short Global$68$85$95$105
Medium Global$76$95$110$120
Long Global$88$110$130$150
Extra Long Global$104$130$155$170
Colour Balance Short$72$90$110$130
Colour Balance Medium$84$105$125$145
Colour Balance Long$96$120$150$170
Colour Balance Extra Long$112$140$195$195
Gloss Colour Short/Med$52$65$80$95
Gloss Colour Long/Extra Long$76$95$115$140
Part Line Short$60$75$100$135
Part Line Medium$68$85$120$155
Part Line Long$76$95$140$175
Half Head Regrowth/Short$80$100$130$155
Half Head Medium$96$120$155$180
Half Head Long$112$140$180$205
Full Head Regrowth/Short$116$145$175$200
Full Head Medium$128$160$200$225
Full Head Long$148$185$225$250
Half Balayage/Refresh$160*$180*$200*$220*
Full Balayage$200*$225*$250*$275*
Root Smudge/Balayage$52$65$75$75
Blowdry short$48$60$70$70
Blowdry medium$56$70$80$80
Blowdry long$64$80$90$90
Blowdry with Colour Service$38.50$55$55$55
Weekly Blowdry Club$45$55$55$55
Dry Off$10
Upstyle$80$100$100from $100
Braids$35 – $50
k18 with Chelator$55
Blonding Glow$25
Oi Liquid Lustre$25
On Protection$35
Deluxe treatment$30
Power Shot$50
Protein BondP.O.A
Extension MaintenanceFrom $165
RemovalFrom $130 per hour
bHave Keratin Smoothing
Keratin Smoothing From $250from $400
Beauty Services
Eyebrow wax$20
Eyebrow tint$20
Eyelash tint$25
Chin Wax$15
Lip Wax$15
Eyebrow Wax & Tint$35
Eyebrow, Lip & Chin Wax$40
* All prices starting from, additional product usage, extra length/thickness may incur extra costs.